Sunset at the Fens

wind pump sunset
The Wind pump given a red/ orange glow by the setting sun

In my previous blog post about Wicken Fen in rural Cambridge I showed you what was there and some landscape images that I had taken, as well as some of the horses and foal found there. (Yes that was the blog with the horse GIF).


close up of reeds
The setting sun illuminating this reed and i like the way it stood out against the background

As I took many photos that day I thought they would be too many for one blog post so I decided to write this one and to show what a beautiful sunset we observed there at Wicken Fen.


landscape sunset 1
Sunset landscapes across the fens
tree sunset backdrop
The setting sun going below the tree line along the path around Wicken Fen nature reserve

The light was changing and becoming a richer orange colour so by talking very nicely to the man behind the national trust desk we were let back onto the boardwalk. We knew we didn’t have that much time as the sun was already on its way to setting.


reed sun
One of my favourites, the sun peeking through the reeds giving the sky a lovely orange hue

As we had already explored it earlier that day we headed straight for the most photogenic parts. Trying to capture the beautiful colours that the setting sun was producing.


purple sky
Changing the White balance on my camera meant i could pick up some alternative colours from the sunset

We were not the only ones taking in the sunset however as we spotted a few other photographers and wildlife enthusiasts along the way round. Anyway we could see why we weren’t the only ones there as the setting sun created a spectacular show for us and finished the day off nicely. This amazing place left us with a perfect message on the sign post on the way out “loved for the biggest of skies and smallest of creatures”.


close up sun
As the sun got really low, i attached my telephoto lens and was able to shot directly at the sun it almost looks like a planet in the sky

I would recommend a visit to this place and it has the added bonus of being open from dawn till dusk. After this day was up we then stayed overnight in Cambridge ready for a full days exploration the next day, exploring the famous Cambridge Botanical Gardens, where the rest of our course from @BPIuniofnotts joined us. (Look out for my next blog post which will be out soon revealing many of the flora that you can find there)

sunset cover
The setting sun creating amazing lines in the sky, almost heavenly like
wicken Sign post
The sign post as we left Wicken Fen, Their tag line sums up our day there.

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