Adventures in the Fens



A wide angle view from amidst the mysterious reeds looking across the landscape with the hidden sun peeping through the clouds

Having found a free day in-between working on our ever increasing coursework projects me and my course mate Emma Vincent @emmasimaging decided to head down towards Cambridge ahead of last Fridays field trip to the botanical gardens.

Enter a captionMy Course mate Emma Vincent walking along one of the board walks carrying all of her camera equipment – much like a pack horse

The Wicken Fen Nature Reserve is based just outside Cambridge and is the National Trusts oldest nature reserve, and one of England’s most famous fen. A fen is a low and marshy area of land that is sometimes frequently flooded and is another type of wetland found across the UK.

reeds 2
A view across the Fens, i liked the way the light illuminated the reeds and created a interesting photograph

Whilst we were walking around the boardwalk the famous wind pump caught our eye which stood out among the surrounding reeds.

Wind pump 1
The sky changing as we got increasingly further and further away from the Wind pump

Along the walk around there were a few bird hides that we were allowed to enter and we spotted a few wetland birds and insects and other various wildlife that exists in this habitat, such as a few blue tits feeding on the seeds in the bird feeders.

2 blue tits
Two blue tits feeding from a bird feeder as i looked on from one of the bird hides here at Wicken Fen

Along this circular walk we kept spotting the wind pump which allowed us to take pictures of it from varying angles and distances to create different photos of it.

arty wind pump
An arty and alternative shot I decided to take of the Wind pump looking through the reeds
wind pump 2
Another view of the wind pump while the sky was changing and threatened to rain

After we had walked around the flooded landscape on the boardwalk we decided to head towards the cattle fields with the horses and cattle where there were new born foals around that were only a day old.

An inquisitive young Horse


While taking pictures of the horses I did a burst of a horse chewing, and with my Photoshop skills that I am learning I decided to create a gif.

A few burst images of this horse I decided to make into a GIF

This attractive landscape proved a wonder for landscape photography which is an avenue I would like to one day continue in my own personal work. Being situated just outside Cambridge city centre this area is conserved and provides new habitats for an array of wildlife and recreational use for Humans alike.

close wind pump
A dramatic sky with the Wicken Fen Wind Pump standing proud in the landscape

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